Gonjiam, Haunted Asylum

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Jan 19, 2019

Looking for a fun, scary movie to keep you awake on a cold, dark night? Would you like this movie to be based on an actual location which really was featured on CNN Travel's list of 7 Freakiest Places? Well, here you go!

With a name like Gonjiam, Haunted Asylum, many assumptions you might make would prove correct about this Korean-language horror flick:

  • There are ghosts
  • The asylum's patients were mistreated (soooo.. angry ghosts)
  • Things probably aren't going to go so well for most of the living characters in the film (but hey, sometimes one person survives in the end, right?)

Now, that could describe any number of movies found via Netflix/Amazon/something you found in a random log cabin, but Gonjiam takes the above tropes, throws in a dash of teenaged thrill-seeking, a pinch of intrigue, a heap of well-executed scares, and a climax sequence which brought my shoulders to my ears for approximately ten minutes and led me to "forget" to turn off my Christmas tree lights at bed time. If you happen to enjoy the self-shot, found footage genre, Gonjiam might be a fun place for you to visit and you don't even have to hire a travel advisor! :-P

Reviewed by Dylan R
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