The Golden Spoon

image with black background and a golden spoon
Jessa Maxwell
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Mar 16, 2023

Six contestants compete to win the Golden Spoon in a baking competition TV show, but nobody can guess the outrageous events in store for them. There's an unspoken rivalry between the established baking judge Betsy Martin (and owner of the grand Grafton Manor house where the TV show is filmed) and the smarmy new judge, Archie Morris. Tensions rise as the pressure to create the best bake and keep the show relevant are all on the line. Some contestants have secret reasons for wanting to be on the show, and someone seems to be tampering with competitor's ingredients (Gasp! Sabotage!). I was surprised that the main mystery concerns the past at Grafton Manor. I liked that the mystery and murder were treated with a light hand, like a traditional cozy mystery (with a sprinkle of some predictable plot points, a dash of melodrama, and a tidy ending). The one thing I didn't like is the sense of justice: you can murder anyone who has mistreated you. That creeped me out. Overall, 4.5/5 star bake: lavish old house with secrets, interesting characters who love to bake, and one unforgettable dark and stormy night.

Reviewed by Jesseca B.
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