Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

Jun 7, 2011

Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. Two sisters, a baby and a five year old, are left by their mother at their Grandmother’s house. The house they lived in had a very special garden in back and grandma taught the eldest how to cook with the herbs and flowers that grew there. When combined correctly in recipes the flowers and herbs made people who consumed them think differently, almost like magic. Their family was considered strange but helpful by the neighbors. The youngest sister felt left out by the older females in the house. She decided she didn’t want to be strange like them and, after high school, left town to travel and see the world. After 10 years she returned home with a 5 year old daughter and a very bad man looking for them - her daughter's father. During those 10 years, the elder sister had started a catering business. The 2 sisters worked and grew close, and the little girl learns she has a different kind of gift. Love interests for both sisters come into the story and after a rather scary episode with the child's father, it has a happy ending, almost fairytale like. Fluffy but not too Bloody. But I still like it. A read alike for those who enjoy this type of book is Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic.

Reviewed by Library Staff