A Garden In Paris

Stephanie Grace Whitson
Apr 22, 2011

In A Garden In Paris, Mary Kathleen Davis was once a vibrant young woman with hopes and dreams for a beautiful future.  Now, 26 years later, she is a widow, emotionally separated from her only daughter Elizabeth, and trying desperately to find some sense of who she is and where she’s going.  Her thoughts turn to a time in Paris many years ago and a man who loved her desperately.  She too had been in love yet walked away to marry the security she felt she needed in her life.  If only she’d known the cost of that security would be her very soul.  Mary wonders what has happened to the man she once loved, and if returning to Paris might begin to set things right in her life.  Elizabeth follows Mary to Paris, both finding in the journey an awakening that is long overdue.     A warm, heartfelt story of love and loss and love regained.  The characters are real and well developed, but some readers may not find the writing style to their liking.  The author uses multiple points of view to tell the story, the current point of view sometimes indicated by listing the character name at the beginning of the scene.  The story holds your interest, but the short scenes and multiple points of view within most chapters as well as main character reflection rather than dialogue might be distracting to some.

Reviewed by Library Staff