The French Girl

Lexie Elliott
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Jun 18, 2018

As and initial suspense thriller from this author, The French Girl is pretty well done. It follows the typical plot points used by many others: there's been a murder and our main character can't remember exactly what happened. Or she thinks she might remember, but she is constantly questioning herself and her memories based on what other 'friends' tell her and say. 

Back when Kate was a student at Oxford, she and five friends spent a week at a French farmhouse. The neighbor, Severine, had gone missing, but Kate didn't dwell much on the news. Now, ten years later, it turns out that Severine has been dead all along, and all six friends are suspects. Mixed in to the mystery of who killed Severine are plenty of trysts and unrequited crushes, which come into play and complicate the current relationships of the six.

When Kate becomes the main suspect, their complicated and double-edge relationships become all the more difficult to navigate. Which of her friends killed Severine and is content to let Kate take the fall? Unfortunately, throughout, the author has attempted to set it apart from others by introducing a quirk - Kate 'sees' Severine's ghost everywhere. I found it dubious and very distracting. It made me dislike Kate a bit, because it made her less reliable in my mind. As it continued, it seemed to become more and more of a shtick. Overall, it was a fun whodunit, and quick read that will likely appeal to readers who enjoyed The Woman in Cabin 10, Arrowood, or Perfect Stranger.

Reviewed by Hilary S.
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