Freedom's Child

Jax Miller
Jul 28, 2015

Freedom Oliver's past has caught up with her - or at least Nessa Delaney's past has finally found her. When Nessa's husband Mark is shot to death in their home, she is quickly convicted of the crime. Forced to choose between leaving her son and unborn daughter with her horrible in-laws or giving them up completely, she chooses the latter. After two very long years she is released and her brother-in-law is found guilty. Under the Witness Protection Program, Nessa has been Freedom Oliver for nearly twenty years. Living in Oregon, she works at a small biker bar, is the town drunk, and is always getting in trouble with the local law. Which doesn't make the federal agents who monitor her happy. When she learns that her brother-in-law is getting out of prison, she can only assume he will seek revenge on her and her children. Freedom sees that her daughter has stopped posting messages on her Facebook page and fears the worst - the Delaney brothers have found her. Now she must do whatever it takes to find her before they do. 

Jax Miller takes readers across the U.S. from New York to Oregon to Kentucky in this twisted thriller. Freedom’s Child includes everything from kidnapping, rape, foul language, religious cults, murder, secrets and the list goes on and on. Like Gone Girl, the pace is quick and chapters will leave readers hanging and plowing through to the next one. Fans of Michael Robotham will appreciate the gritty and suspenseful story line.

Reviewed by Library Staff