Free-range kids [unabridged book on CD] : giving our children the freedom we had without going nuts with worry by:Lenore Skenazy2009

Aug 9, 2010

Even though my kids are well into their teenage years, I really enjoyed listening to this audio book that promotes a new less-stressed parenting style that may well lead to more confident and certainly happier children. Lenore Skenazy got alot of negative press a few years back for allowing her 10 year old son to use the NY subway to travel to a friends home alone. Now my first reaction was the same as most parents - "Is this lady crazy?" However, after listening to Free-range kids: giving our children the freedom we had without going nuts with worry on audio I am more inclined to believe I have been crazily overprotective of my children throughout their raising. Ms. Skenazy clearly states authentic statistics that show how much safer life is for children in 2010, then when most of us parents were growing up and raises intelligent questions to some of our biggest parenting fears. She then offers small, medium, and large steps at the end of each section that parents can use to learn how to come to terms with with our fears and allow our children to explore and become confident in living in today's world.

Written by Robin D.

I had a pet goat, Toby, who followed me to the mailbox everyday!


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