Framed - Tonino Benacquista

Jun 17, 2010

framed.jpgAnother mystery with dark humor, Benacquista has offered up something quite different from his previous book, Framed, takes place in the Paris art world. Antoine is happy to live on the perifery of the art world in his job as picture hanger for a gallery. His real world comes to life only at night, at the billiards hall. He is dragged into the art world during an art theft which turns violent. Antione has to find out why the painting was stolen to help him come to terms with the accident. The coming to terms turns into a desire for revenge, which is never quite satisfied. In the end, Antione not only finds who was responsible, but finds close friends and a new interest along the way. This mystery is not exactly a whodunit, but more an investigation of who and why.

Written by Hilary S.

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