Four Ordinary Women: A Gathering at the Cedar Roe Library by Pat Antonopoulos, Patti Dickinson, Shawna Samuel, and Jo Ann Stanley

Mar 31, 2010

A Gathering at the Cedar Roe LibraryFour women met regularly at the Cedar Roe Library to share their stories and write this book; the result is an inspiring collection of thoughts on family, spirituality, happiness, struggles, and friendship. As women, we all have similar stories and feelings, but these authors had the ability and courage to share theirs, with introspection and candor. Their stories profoundly affect us, first in empathy, but then their distinct voices shine through, providing us with encouragement, comfort, and insight into balancing our lives. Their wise reflections move us, uplift us, and compel us to "celebrate our ordinariness".

Reviewed by Library Staff