The Fortune Teller

Gwendolyn Womack
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Feb 2, 2018

This is an interesting book about prophecy, antiquity, and crime, with just a tiny bit of romance. The story is about how Semele, an appraiser for a prestigious auction house in NY, finds a 2,000 year old manuscript that was written for her. Semele discovers this manuscript while cataloging items from a recently deceased private collector in Switzerland. The collector left her a handwritten note warning her not to tell anyone about the manuscript. She realizes there must be some connection between herself and the deceased collector even though they had never met. As Semele flies back to NY she begins reading it and struggles to understand her connection to this manuscript and how it could have possibly been written to her.


The rest of the book flips between Semele's life in NY as she continues to translate the text, and the story in the manuscript as it makes its way toward present day. I was instantly intrigued with this book and enjoyed traveling through history with the characters to figure out the connection at the end. It reminded me of Dan Brown's Robert Langdon series as it slowly unveiled clues while you tried to solve the puzzle, just with a lot less blood and murder. 

Reviewed by Catherine G.
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