The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

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Apr 7, 2011

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton begins in 1913 London where 4 year old Nell is hiding on a ship deck waiting for the "Authoress" to return and start their journey to Australia.  However, the "Authoress" fails to return and Nell travels to Australia alone with only a small suitcase containing clothes and a book of fairy tales.  Nell is  adopted by the dockmaster and his wife when the ship arrives in Australia and is raised as one of their own.  Nell doesn't learn of her unconventional adoption into the family until she is an adult and it changes the way she sees herself, her family and her future.  1975 sees Nell travel back to England to attempt to unravel the mystery of her origins.  While in England Nell purchases Cliff Cottage and returns to Australia to close up her house with the intention of returning to live at Cliff Cottage. 2005 finds Cassandra, Nell's granddaughter, trying to finish Nell's search for the truth of her origins following Nell's death and the inheritance of Cliff Cottage.  Will Cassandra finally find the answers to Nell's past in the pages of the book of fairy tales and a long forgotten garden at Cliff Cottage?  Will the answers and the hunt for the truth change Cassandra's life as well?  Don't miss The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.

Reviewed by Lisa J.
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