The Fireman

Joe Hill
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Sep 4, 2016

Draco Incendia Trychophyton. That’s the official name for the spore that causes fiery veins of Dragonscale to show up on the patient’s skin. Eventually, the infected people will spontaneously combust, burning down hospitals, laboratories, and killing entire families. What’s scarier than this plague, though, is the cult-like group of infected survivors holed up at Camp Wyndham. Enter the Fireman, who can control the Dragonscale and keep it from killing him, and Harper, a pregnant former nurse trying to survive until her delivery date. While this apocalyptic novel is very original and filled with tense twists, it never quite reaches the lofty heights of Hill’s NOS4A2 or Heart-Shaped Box.  

Reviewed by Jed D.
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