The Farther Shore

Matthew Eck
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Nov 5, 2014

Just as powerful as Kevin Powers’ The Yellow Birds, The Farther Shore is the story of what happens to our military men and women when we send them to hostile countries for reasons no one really understands.

Joshua Stantz is monitoring the bombing of a city in Somalia when things go horribly wrong. And they continue to go wrong, for how could they go anything but wrong? As Stantz and his company make their way across the warring city, searching for the army that has abandoned them, the reader is given a clear view into the hearts and minds of men thrown into a multitude of conflicts with no way to respond but through violence.  Stantz is confused by his mission, his company, the Army, Somalia and her people, and more importantly, himself.

The comparison to The Yellow Birds is profound. Iraq. Somalia. It’s all the same. These books are for civilians that don’t believe PTSD is a problem for those who make it home.

Reviewed by Helen H.
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