Ex Machina (DVD)

Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander.
Nov 4, 2015

Ex Machina poses the question: "What makes us human?" Caleb, a young computer genius, is told he has won a week long stay at the house of Nathan, the CEO of the world's most popular search engine. Nathan has built a humanoid robot named Ava with Artificial Intelligence. He wants Caleb to administer the Turing Test to Ava, a test designed to measure artificial intelligence and its ability to persuade a human to believe it is real. Caleb's task is to interview Ava numerous times to determine whether she can truly think. While conducting an interview a power shortage occurs and Ava tells Caleb he shouldn't trust Nathan at all. As Caleb grows closer to Ava he starts to believe Nathan plans to shut Ava down and rewrite her program. So he devises a plan to help her escape. Unfortunately, the escape has a chilling and disturbing ending.

Ex Machina is an incredibly rewarding film to viewers who can appreciate the science, complex characters and the revealing darker aspects of humanity. A must see for not only science fiction fans, but for anyone who loves a good thriller. 

Written by Library Staff