Evidence of Life by Barbara Taylor Sissel

Aug 21, 2013

A friend of mine, who loves mysteries, recommended Evidence of Life by Barbara Taylor Sissel.  She said it is a book to put on my To Read list, but after reading the intriguing summary I gave it a higher priority and read it immediately. 

With a loving husband and two wonderful children, Abby Bennett thinks her life couldn’t be more perfect.  But what starts out as a simple camping trip for her husband, Nick, and daughter, Lindsey, becomes a hellish nightmare when they go missing during a powerful storm.  As search and rescue efforts continue, wild speculation and ugly rumors begin to surface about reasons for the disappearance.  Nick and Lindsey are presumed dead, but Abby’s grief and denial force her to search for answers to the gossip surrounding her family and her life. 

Evidence of Life is a superb story of mystery, lies, deception, and forgiveness.  Very few of the most avid mystery readers will anticipate the twists and turns, and even fewer will anticipate the surprising resolution.  The characters and dialogue resonate with strong, convincing emotion, and the story will draw you in until you learn each and every detail.

Written by Margaret O.