Pam Muñoz Ryan
Nov 29, 2017

Echo follows the stories of Otto, Friedrich, Mike, Ivy, and the mysterious harmonica that ties them together! The magical thread of music carries you through this wonderful tale. Friedrich in Germany, Mike in Pennsylvania, and Ivy in California are all dealing with the wrath of a war that tore countries and families apart. Friedrich is living with a birthmark that Hitler deems unsuitable, Mike will do anything to keep him and his brother together, and Ivy is learning that prejudice in America affects even the innocent. But they all find solace in music. With the help of the harmonica, someone's life might just be saved!

Pam Muñoz Ryan weaves an unforgettable tale showing three perspectives from the 1930s. The audiobook is enhanced with beautiful music and talented readers. Mark Bramhall, David De Vries, MachLeod Andrews, and Rebecca Solar read the stories of Otto, Friedrich, Mike, and Ivy, respectively. You don't want to miss this excellent audiobook!

Written by Emily D.

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