DVD Come Undone (Italian)

Silvio Soldini
Apr 7, 2011

This contemporary Italian film depicts everyday people dealing with everyday problems. It tells a touching love story of two people who met each other too late in life. Prior to their first brief encounter, they each live a comfortable life in Milan.  Later, an innocent flirt turns into a deep relationship which lives in secrets, lies and hidings.  The film measures the day-by-day emotional cost of the affair to satisfy the irresistible attraction. The couple  living just for their short Wednesday escapes, away from the reality of screaming kids, nagging wife, an inattentive husband and fizzled passion. However, this movie is more than just a movie about adultery.  The film makes us ask a question;  do we have the moral right to disregard our previous life and commitments to pursue our happiness? This slow, mellow movie is intended for romantic audiences, not necessary just female.  The actors give this film their all and the encounters between the lovers are very sensuous.  This movies takes a new look to an old and possibly overused sagas of lust-and-punishment.

Reviewed by Library Staff