Dualed by Elsie Chapman

Apr 13, 2013

In the city of Kesh, everyone is a murderer. The only way to live in relative safety and comfort is to compete in a deadly game where only one survives. The catch? You have to kill your genetic “Alt”, which is essientially your twin—a person with the exact same DNA who lives somewhere else in the city. From birth, all citizens must train in every possible way (education, survival skills, weaponry) in order to be prepared to meet their Alt on the city battlefield any time before their 20th birthday. West Grayer is 15 when she is notified that the hunt is on for her Alt. When tragedy strikes, West starts to doubt her abilities and finds herself vulnerable enough for her Alt to take her down. She must rely on help from a very unlikely ally to find the confidence and ability to kill her Alt while trying to keep hold of her humanity at the same time.

Dualed will definitely appeal to readers who are craving the next read to replace the Hunger Games. It brings along the same types of thrills and action that keep your attention and never let it go. Chapman goes into intense detail during the fight scenes which make you feel like you are watching them play out right in front of your eyes. It is a highly entertaining novel, and the end will keep you salivating for the next installment!

Reviewed by Jennifer R.
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