Drywall: Hanging and Taping (DVD)

Craig Umanoff
May 19, 2016

If you have something to build or fix, consider searching our collection of instructional videos. They offer expert demonstrations, uncover hidden aspects to specific trades, and film the most talented specialists. And they celebrate the mastery of crafts often overlooked because of their association with sweat and toil.

Drywall: Hanging and Taping with Myron R. Ferguson will take you on a journey of discovery as much about teamwork and ingenuity as about the building of smooth interior walls. I am amazed at the beauty of the entire endeavor, from hauling sheetrock to mudding it, all of which is done with a focus on service and an air of humility. Celebrity is not what this video has. Instead it has character.  Bonus – you’ll know better than to hang drywall on your own after watching it.  

Written by Michelle H.

I once knew someone who held the world record for leaning the farthest forward with her feet flat on the floor.


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