The Drop by Michael Connelly

Jun 28, 2012

In the 15th book in Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch series, Connelly returns to familiar ground, leaving behind Nine Dragons' Hong Kong setting, returning to Los Angeles and reuniting readers with Bosch’s original nemesis, Irvin Irving.  Irving first appeared in the original Bosch novel, 1992’s The Black Echo.  In The Drop, Bosch is three years from forced retirement from the LAPD.  Bosch and new partner David Chu are given a cold case, a 1989 rape where DNA evidence has pulled up a 29-year-old suspect.  Before they can complete their work, Bosch and Chu are pulled away to a death scene, where now city councilman Irvin Irving’s son is suspected of committing suicide by jumping from a balcony at the Chateau Marmont . . . or was he pushed?  Bosch relentlessly pursues both cases, unearthing decades of political conspiracy while tracking down an elusive serial killer.

Written by Jake E.