Dreams of the Golden Age

Carrie Vaughn
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Dec 21, 2014

Continuing the story of Celia West following the death of her superhero father and the retirement of the superheroes of her beloved city, Celia continues to look out for the best interests of her city and has carefully been watching the grandchildren of the superheroes waiting to see if there is a new generation of powerful superheroes in the making.  Two of these new superheroes may be her own daughters Anna and Bethy but so far they aren't exhibiting any signs of superpowers or at least they're not sharing with her if they are developing powers. 

Meanwhile, Anna is having trouble figuring out how her developing power works.  It doesn't seem to be anything special.  She just knows where everyone is and can find them at any given time.  What kind of a superpower is that?  Her best friends at school also have emerging powers that they are hiding from their parents.  Offensive powers such as fire, ice, and invisibility.  They have formed their own superhero team with names and costumes to practice and hone their superpowers. 

Celia doesn't want to openly confront the teens but keeps an eye on them as they practice vigilante justice around the city.  When a real villain threatens Cecila and Commerce City it will take Dr. Mentis, the new superhero teens and the police to bring him down and restore peace to the city.  

Deeper themes permeate the story such as the reach of financial and legal power, whether good intentions justify deceit, and the benefits of open and honest communication with teens.

While you don't necessarily need to have read After the Golden Age (2011), you will have a much better understanding of Celia's motivation and relationship with Commerce City and the superheroes past, current and future if you have.

Reviewed by Lisa J.
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