The Devil, the Lovers, & Me: My Life in Tarot, by Kimberlee Auerbach

May 2, 2011

Kimberlee Auerbach is hilarious.  She won’t admit it, though.  Oh, sure, she’ll tell you about stalking a boyfriend’s ex, about an ill-fated high school campaign slogan, about constant reminders that she hates her job and is still not married, and, finally, about the tarot card reader she called on to figure it all out.  She’ll freely tell you about her neuroses and her most embarrassing moments (some are definitely, um, adult oriented), but she won’t tell you about her genius, her comedic timing, or her so beguiling self deprecation.  She’ll let you discover and read through those parts on your own, laughing all the way.

Initially, I picked this book up because of the fun framing device.  I mean, a memoir told through the course of a tarot card reading?  Interesting!  I kept reading it (late, late into the night) because I loved Auerbach’s honesty and her dedication to the story.  She tells us some pretty humiliating things, all with an eye to the heart of the story.  And because of that, I found myself relating to her (and loving her!) in a way I wouldn’t have if she had been less forthcoming. 

So, I heartily recommend The Devil, the Lovers, & Me: My Life in Tarot to: memoir readers, fiction readers, people who want a funny or light read, people who like to laugh at themselves, and people interested in tarot cards.

Written by Julie T.

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