Denton Little's Deathdate

Lance Rubin
Jul 18, 2015

I immediately fell for Denton Little. Born at a time when people know the date they will die, Denton knows his funeral is today. No surprise. Tomorrow is his death date. No big deal. But waking up in the bed with his best friend's sister? Now that is a surprise.  And a big deal.

The next day, his death date, strange things start happening. Sure he's going to die, but what is this huge bluish-purple bruise on his leg? And the little red pulsing lights within it? Denton's decided since he's going to die tomorrow anyway, he might as well not worry his mom or dad. However, this only works for so long. It changes the moment he sees that Veronica has the Bruise too, but no red dots!

I really enjoyed this quick read and couldn't put it down. I recommend Denton’s Little Deathdate for older teens and adults. Its characters are lovable, funny and believable.

Reviewed by Library Staff