Demon Princess: Reign or Shine by Michelle Rowen

Feb 17, 2010

Reign or Shine by Michelle RowenIn this first YA novel by author Michelle Rowen (known best for her light-hearted supernatural adult fiction), we meet Nikki Donovan, a just turned 16 year old who has recently started at another new school. Her mother, a writer, is continually moving them at the whim of her latest relationship. Nikki has never known/met her father. All she knows is that he walked out on her mother when she was pregnant with Nikki and her mother has been searching for love ever since. So, Nikki is doubtful when a handsome young guy named Michael shows up saying he is an emissary of her father, the King of the Shadowlands. According to Michael, the King is dying and Nikki is soon to become the new Queen of the Shadowlands. What follows is the tale of Nikki getting to know her father, a new world, and a new perspective on the relationship between her Mom and Dad. This is the first book of the Demon Princess series and is a fast paced supernatural read for teens and adults alike who are looking for fun, romance, and action all in one place.

Reviewed by Library Staff