Delirious by Daniel Palmer

Mar 12, 2012

Charlie Giles is an up and coming tech guru who, with his elite team, invented a digital entertainment system for automobiles.  Charlie’s company has been purchased by a larger company and Charlie, along with his team, is in charge of product development.  To get where he has gotten in the business world Charlie has been open and above board as well as ruthless.  One day, while in a high power meeting with company executives, Charlie has a meltdown and begins accusing a colleague of trying to sabotage his invention.  Things go downhill from there.  He finds notes that are written in his handwriting that he doesn’t remember writing.  He speaks with people who disappear and whom no one has seen him talking to.  He hears voices of dead people.  Since his father was and his brother is schizophrenic, he begins to think he has the same disorder.  One of the notes that he finds, in his own handwriting, is a kill list.  It names three people that he intends to kill.  Then they start dying.  This is Palmer’s first novel and, although it isn’t great, it is pretty good and worth the time.  I look forward to future novels by this author and maybe more adventures for Charlie.

Reviewed by Library Staff