Ruth Reichl
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Feb 8, 2015

I'll devour tasty literary fiction like any book-loving foodie, and Delicious! mixes in equal parts history, mystery and human interest for a full-bodied novel. Add to that an all-but-forgotten library that cryptically hides a series of old letters between unexpected pen pals, and you've got the cherry on top for this Librarian reviewer! 

The story opens with Billie Breslin trying to land a job at the world-renowned culinary magazine Delicious! On the surface she's just taking the first steps in a budding career, but soon it becomes obvious she's moved across the country to avoid facing something in her familial past. Meanwhile she earns the respect and friendship of those in her new circle, and in the process they uncover old letters at the magazine library that tell a riveting story of a different era. As she works with new friends to follow the historical trail, Billie discloses her own story and discovers much about herself. 

I generally lean toward nonfiction foodie reads, so the storyline feels noticeably contrived to me, but it's still fun. Pacing is slow at first and picks up as Billie delves into her quest. The cast of characters has a lot of personality and keeps the story afloat when the plot gets sluggish. Also as expected, plenty of mouth-watering delicacies are described throughout. This is worth picking up if you enjoy a dash of historical fiction, a pinch of mystery and generous helping of self-discovery and acceptance.

Reviewed by Hope H.
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