Define “Normal” by Julie Anne Peters

May 3, 2010

Define Normal by Julie Anne PetersAntonia meet Jazz. Jazz meet Antonia.

Antonia signed up for a peer counseling program at her middle school to lend an ear to students who need someone to talk to...not girls who wear black lipstick and holes in her clothes...on purpose. What was she getting into?

Antonia's life is already upside down. She plays the role of parent at home since her dad walked out three years prior. Antonia has to take care of her two little brothers and her mom who suffers from clinical depression. Taking care of household chores, grocery shopping and feeding her family leaves her exhausted and little time to work on her homework. Although she's a top-notch student, she's about to hit a breaking point.

Through sessions with Jazz, she begins to learn that they have more in common than they would have thought. They listen to each other and teach and encourage each other in many different areas of life.

This was a fast-read but so much is packed into each short chapter. The quick-wit from both girls break up the tension felt while reading about the issues both of them deal with.

Reviewed by Library Staff