Dark Money

Kimberly Reed
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Dec 9, 2019

We've all seen attack ads during campaign season; the efforts to deride one candidate's political record while propping up the opposition. It's likely safe to say we've become so numb to their existence, we don't always stop to consider the source behind these messages, we viewers just assuming Candidate A has paid for & approved their ad against Candidate B.

But what are we to make of disclaimers such as this?

     "Paid for by ________Not authorized by any candidate..."

This is the question at the heart of Dark Money, which seeks to shine a light on recent political intrigue in the state of Montana. The documentary paints the picture of a state so working-class even its congressional representatives have historically held day jobs; these farmers & teachers treating their governmental duties not as some lucrative side-hustle, but rather a responsibility to their communities. Yet when smear campaigns from private interest groups begin invading the Big Sky state, an intrepid local reporter begins to investigate just who is pulling the strings…

I thoroughly enjoyed this film, finding it compelling, informative, &--above all—relevant to the current political landscape. Highly recommend!

Reviewed by Dylan R
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