The COMPOUND by S.A. Bodeen

Jul 12, 2011

 The Compound is a short novel that tells the intriguing story of  fifteen year old Eli and his family living underground to escape nuclear fallout. They have been living underground for six years and have just a mere nine to go before they can safely return to the world above.  Tragically Eli’s twin brother and maternal grandmother did not reach the compound before the entrance to the bunker was sealed. Prior to the sequestering of the family, Eli's brilliant father made billions of dollars in technology and seems like a Bill Gates kind of guy.  He was the mastermind behind the building and planning of the compound. The family has endured fairly well thanks to the father's extensive planning.  But six years later, nerves are on edge and the food supply is dwindling.  And all is not as it seems.

The plot is original and quickly paced.  This book is for young adults and seems to appeal to young guys in particular.  I found the book to be engaging, thought provoking, and a very quick read.

Reviewed by Library Staff