Comet's Tale

Steven D. Wolf with Lynette Padwa
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May 7, 2015

Comet, a rescued greyhound, will win you over with her lovable, graceful and insightful personality.  Steven Wolf rescues Comet from the horrors of greyhound racing, and in turn she rescues him when his debilitating back injuries leave him disabled and unable to participate in everyday life. 

Shortly after adopting Comet, Wolf stumbles upon the idea of training her to be a service dog.  Comet learns how to open doors, provide stability so that Wolf can hoist himself up, and even pulls Wolf’s wheelchair around the local airport.  While Comet is not your average working dog, she tackles every challenge with acceptance and an eerily profound sense of serenity.

After a few comical yet successful training ventures, it is apparent that Comet’s training gives Wolf much more than accessibility and freedom; it also gives him the sense of purpose that was stolen by his disability.  Self-empowerment slowly replaces self-pity with each new lesson that Wolf and Comet learn.  Comet prods Wolf to take walks and meet people, no matter how painful and embarrassing the walks may be.  She encourages him to keep moving and engage in his surroundings.   And when Wolf is ready to finally give up the man he thinks everyone wants him to be, Comet is the first to embrace his surrender. 

With many paragraphs devoted to Comet’s plethora of positivity and grace, and several whirlwind appearances from Wolf’s two rowdy golden retrievers, this book is eager to share its cuddly canine charm with you.

Reviewed by Hannah Jane W.
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