Cold Days by Jim Butcher

Jan 17, 2013

The fourteenth book in The Dresden Files, Cold Days is just as action-packed and emotionally charged as its predecessors.  Fresh from the events of Ghost Story, Harry’s mired in Mab’s daily assassination attempts, Maeve’s political and violent machinations, and the general hostility of the entire Winter Court towards a human that’s snubbed most of them in the past.  His first official order as the Winter Knight sends Harry back to Chicago, where his friends and allies think he’s dead (and are less than pleased to find out about the deception), and a very short deadline to prevent a city-obliterating disaster that will happen…somewhere…sometime…somehow.

Short on knowledge and long on catastrophes, Harry’s got to rebuild his bridges and save the day.  Again.

If that doesn’t sell you, I’ve got three words that will: Santa Claus smackdown.

Reviewed by Library Staff