The Christopher Killer: a Forensic Mystery

Mar 5, 2010

The Christopher KillerA serial killer is murdering young women across the country. He has been dubbed the "Christopher Killer" because he leaves a St. Christopher medal with each of his victims. Dr. Jewel, a famous psychic, predicted that the next "Christopher Killer" victim would be found "on a dirt road somewhere in the mountain where the road leads to water".

This all seems very distant to 17 year old Cameryn in Silverton, Colorado where there hasn't been a murder in years according to the county coroner, and her father Pat Mahoney. Cameryn has been interested in forensic science for years and wants to go to college to study forensic pathology. She has decided that its time to get a little practical experience and asks if she can be assistant to the county cororner, her dad. On her first call as assistant to the cororner Cameryn finds several clues to the victim's cause of death and proves herself a valuable assistant.

On the next call that Cameryn and her father respond to the victim is Cameryn's friend and co-worker at a local restaurant. The victim is found face down on a path in the mountains near the water. At first this just seems to be a very strange coincidence as far as the victim's location and Dr. Jewel's recent prediction. However, once they get the victim to the morgue they find the St. Christopher medal and things start to spiral out of control as the media and Dr. Jewel come to this quiet Colorado town.

Cameryn becomes deeply involved in trying to discover the identity of the Christopher Killer as it is the only thing left that she can do for her friend. In doing so, Cameryn herself becomes a target of the Christopher Killer. Find out if Cameryn is successful in stopping the Christopher Killer or if she is his next victim in The Christopher Killer: a forensic mystery by Alane Ferguson.

For young adult and adult readers who are fans of CSI and Criminal Minds. Fast paced and suspensful.

Written by Lisa J.

I have been a Kindergarten room mom for over 25 years.