Child 44

Tom Rob Smith
Aug 7, 2014

Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith is historical fiction set in Stalinist Russia when the Government was all powerful and all were constantly watched over by officials. One wrong move could send you to a work camp in Siberia, never to be seen again. Life was hard, and on top of that Smith throws in a serial killer that moves throughout Russia killing children and women at will. Defending this system is idealistic security officer Leo Demidov, a war hero who believes in the iron fist of the law. But when Leo begins to investigate the serial murders he makes a wrong move and becomes disliked by a higher officer. He is then demoted and exiled. He works with his wife to finally figure out who the murder is. I enjoyed both the historical flavor and the suspenseful search for the murderer.

Child 44 is the first in a trilogy, followed by The Secret Speech and Agent 6.

An enjoyable quick read if you don't mind the violence throughout. One of those things that follows a serial killer.

Reviewed by Library Staff