Callander Square

Anne Perry
Sep 15, 2014

Callander Square is the second book in the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series by Anne Perry. Set in the late 1800s, this novel tells the story of multiple mysterious deaths in a posh area of London. Thomas, a police inspector, is called to the central garden of the high-society Callander Square after two baby corpses are found buried among the flowers. Immediately suspecting a poor servant girl, Pitt begins to investigate each household, causing an uncomfortable mood to hang over the residents of the square. The heads of household wish to be left alone, leaving Pitt with several hurdles to overcome in his investigation. This is where Charlotte comes into the plot.

Wanting to help her husband and worried for the mother of the dead babies, Charlotte works with her sister Emily to secure their own "upstairs" undercover investigations of the lords and ladies of the households. This proves to be very fruitful for Pitt as they uncover lots of juicy secrets of love affairs with servants and other Callander Square residents. Rumors begin to fly and nerves are touched as the accusations against people begin to mount. Charlotte becomes quite attached to several residents and works relentlessly to clear their names after they have been slandered and outcast from their social circles.

Callander Square is a good cozy mystery filled with love affairs, blackmail, and murder. It begins a little slowly but gradually gains intrigue and suspense as the plot is developed. This is a good story for anyone interested in British historical fiction.

Reviewed by Library Staff