The Brass Verdict

A Lincoln car driving down a city street
Michael Connelly
Sunday, Apr 19, 2015

Michael Haller is starting back to work as a lawyer, after taking a year off. A year spent in recovery from an injury, as an addict, and then in rehab. Mickey's ready to take on a couple of cases, and get his feet wet again when a long-time friend is killed, leaving Haller & Associates his business and current caseload. Among the 31 cases Mickey inherits is a high profile murder case. Archway Studios owner and movie mogul, Walter Elliot is accused of murdering his wife and her boyfriend. While trying to reconstruct his predecessors' defense strategy, Mickey must also be on alert for whoever killed his friend, Jerry Vincent, and hope that he doesn't fall victim to the same fate. Add in Detective Harry Bosch investigating Vincent's murder, and things are starting to feel intense to say the least. The secrets and crimes Haller uncovers while representing Elliot lead him to question whether he really is ready to return to his law practice.

I came upon The Brass Verdict, as I worked my way through the Harry Bosch novels. While Connelly lists this title within the Harry Bosch series, he is only a minor character in this book. The main story flows through the character Michael Haller, and the Lincoln Lawyer series. As with any of Connelly's books, the tempo and tension build, making it hard to put down. While it's not what I was expecting, I'm already hooked on the Lincoln Lawyer series, and am going back to read the first title. I enjoyed reading about the crimes in LA from a lawyer's point of view, and how it plays out in court with plenty of scheming and last minute surprises.

Hilary S.

Written by Hilary S.

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