The Bounce Back Book

Karen Salmansohn
Jun 4, 2015

Sometimes you feel yourself spiraling downward, and you don't know what to do next. Or maybe next has involved seeking comfort all too frequently in your chocolate stash. I hear you. Recommended to me by a good friend, I picked up this book.

The Bounce Back Book: How to Thrive in the Face of Adversity, Setback, and Losses is packed with nuggets of uplifting, empowering, actionable wisdom. Salmansohn uses a conversational tone and plenty of humor to share her 75 tips for bouncing back from one (or a multitude – what she calls "The Vortex") of life's challenges: life and death, career pitfalls, assault and personal violations, relationship troubles, financial struggles, substance abuse and more. I also loved how elegantly the simple visual elements came together to illustrate her ideas. It's just a lovely little book, and I found myself finishing it in a just couple short sittings. 

If you're new to self-help literature (I'm right there with you), this book is a nice place to start. It's both approachable and credible in the way the author uses a balance of personal anecdotes and research to back her recommendations. She includes "Bounce Back Assignments" throughout, which I initially balked at until I realized how bite-sized the prompts were. Her advice is fairly broad in how you can apply it to your own situation, and she states up front that some of her tips will be more suitable than others to any given reader. I recommend keeping a few sticky notes nearby to mark your favorites. As it has for me, I hope this book helps you find some inner strength to begin bouncing back.

Reviewed by Hope H.
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