Blue-eyed Devil by Robert B. Parker

Jun 7, 2012

Robert B. Parker is mostly known for his crime fiction, but his final novel published before his 2010 death was the fourth in a series of terrific westerns.  Beginning with 2005’s Appaloosa, Parker’s richly detailed gunfighters Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch provide readers with a view of the American west, most easily associated with Clint Eastwood films.  Blue-eyed Devil  is no exception.  Returning to the town of Appaloosa, Cole and Hitch set up shop in the town they once run, finding it overrun by a corrupt law man by the name of Callico and his gang of “deputies”.  Cole and Hitch aren’t threatened much by Calico, or his gang, or by the son of a local rancher, who Virgil shoots when he’s called out to do just so.  While working their way around Calico’s gang, Hitch and Cole find themselves up against both Calico and a group of renegade apaches who threaten to destroy the town of Appaloosa.

Reviewed by Library Staff