Birds of the Photo Ark

Joel Sartore
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Jul 5, 2018

Birds inhabit every corner of our planet and represent freedom to many people throughout the world.  In this impressive book, photographer Joel Sartore shares images of captive birds from his work with the National Geographic Society on the Photo Ark project—an undertaking to document every living species in the world’s wildlife sanctuaries and zoos.  His photographs inspire wonder as you flip through these pages.  The accompanying text by Noah Strycker offers fascinating information about the world of birds.  The diversity---10,500 species of birds at last count; the speed of some birds---the Peregrine Falcon can fly 242 miles an hour in a diving flight; and the intelligence of birds, especially crows, ravens, and parrots which we're just beginning to understand. 

I recommend Birds of the Photo Ark to all bird lovers and anyone looking for the inspiration the natural world provides. 

Reviewed by LeeAnn B.
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