Bent Road by Lori Roy

Oct 21, 2011

Described as an American Gothic Suspense thriller, this story centers around Arthur Scott’s childhood home on Bent Road  in western Kansas.  He left in the 1940’s following the tragic death of his beloved older sister. In 1967 when racial tensions in Detroit made life complicated for Arthur’s family, he moved his family of five back to the western Kansas neighborhood.  Adjustments were difficult, especially for Arthur’s wife, Celia, and the two youngest children, Daniel and Evie.  Most of the narrative is from the point of view of these three.  All is not peaceful and calm on this prairie.  A child disappears the night the Scott’s arrive, and soon after they learn of the abuse of Arthur’s sister, Ruth, by her husband.  The tragic twists and turns in this debut novel keep the reader glued to the pages – or audio book, never knowing what to expect next.  Vivid descriptions of the landscape and “farm” culture bring the story to life.  Readers who enjoy mystery and suspense, family drama and relationship tension will enjoy this riveting story.

Reviewed by Library Staff