The Atonement Child

Francine Rivers
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May 13, 2019

The Atonement Child had me in its grips from the beginning and held me until the last word. The story centers around three women from the same family. Dynah Carey, a college student at a Christian university; her mother Hannah; and her grandmother, Eve. Dynah becomes pregnant through a rape and must decide if she will keep or terminate the pregnancy. As the novel progresses, each woman tells her unique story around the charged topic of abortion. This is the first Christian fiction that I have read, and I was a little unprepared for the emphasis on Christian doctrines of faith. However, regardless of a reader's belief system, I think this book would make a great book group selection and would spark meaningful conversation.  Rivers is a great storyteller with compelling characters and real life dilemmas. I found the "About the Author" section interesting because it explained why Rivers changed from secular to Christian with her 1990's novel, Redeeming Love.

Written by Cheryl M.

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