The Asperkids Launch Pad

Jennifer Cook O'Toole
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Apr 11, 2014

O’Toole, award winning author of Asperkids and The Asperkid’s (Secret) Book of Social Rules, a social worker, teacher, mother of three Asperkids and an Aspie herself, has developed a “how-to” guide for parents of children with Asperger Syndrome (AS) on how to best structure their home life to support their AS kids.  O’Toole’s instructional manual demonstrates the importance of structuring the home life and everyday tasks (or chores) around the house so that children with AS can feel confident, successful and comfortable thus reducing their stress and building self-esteem.  This visual instructional manual features photos of O’Toole’s home illustrating how little changes, accommodations, and specific organizational strategies can help AS kids feel confident, successful, and calm as well as facilitate learning opportunities through everyday activities fostering independence and self-worth.

Home should be a place where children feel safe, comfortable and successful as well as a place to retreat and recharge when the world becomes overwhelming.   The Asperkid’s Launch Pad is a visual guide designed to help parents of AS kids create a safe haven for their children where they can practice the skills they struggle with in a comfortable environment that builds them up for when they venture out into the world.  An easy to follow guide for anyone who wants to provide a comfortable and supportive home or space for the AS kids they love.

Reviewed by Lisa J.
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