The Art of Running Faster: Improve Technique, Training and Performance by Julian Goater and Don Melvin

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Jun 20, 2012

I found a lot of helpful information in The Art of Running Faster.  Like many how-to running books, I had to skim for what interested me and skip what didn’t.  I found learning about fartleks and other training strategies extremely helpful. While I wasn’t very interested in reading about specific races and runners, I did enjoy some of the pictures.  As a new runner, when talking about a picture in which one runner is finishing strong and his pursuer has “started to labour and over-stride”, I couldn’t see the difference and would have appreciated knowing how Goater could tell which was flagging and which was not. Each chapter ends with “points to remember” making it very easy to skip a chapter, but still make sure you didn’t miss anything major or prompt a re-visit.  Overall, I found it a very useful book.  

Reviewed by Helen H.
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