The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

May 17, 2011

“If I only I opposable thumbs,” says Enzo, the narrator of this metaphor of life. Full of snippets of wisdom and insight, this is also the endearing story of a family in crisis. Enzo, a terrier-lab mix, is the soul-mate of Denny, an aspiring race car driver. Enzo and Denny became a pair when Denny is a bachelor, then a husband and father, a widower and accused felon. Enzo is more than a devoted companion and friend, he is a philosopher, guide and Denny’s biggest fan. “Your car goes where your eyes go” is Enzo’s mantra. Enzo enjoys watching television and has seen a documentary maintaining that when dogs die they come back as people. He senses the end is near and he struggles with his extreme desire to be human, and his reluctance to leave Denny. Dog lovers will no doubt weep through this touching tale. Sports fans may also enjoy the details about formula 1 racing.

Written by Jane R.