The Amen Trail

Sharon Sala
Jan 1, 2017

Due to the untimely death of a local clergy who'd enlisted Letty Murphy's services, she must now flee her life of prostitution at the White Dove Saloon. She takes on a new persona, Sister Leticia. Her accomplice, Eulis Potter, the town drunk and local gravedigger, also takes a new identity as the Reverend Randall Ward Howe. Although in most ways an unlikely pair, Letty and Eulis are a good match in that they both want what a new life can provide. If only they can shed the coarseness of their pasts and remember to walk only in the goodness and righteousness of the religious conviction they now preach and aspire to.

Along the way, and amid all the chaos, Letty and Eulis discover that although life's paths aren't always clear, the heart never loses its way. It isn't so much the situations Letty and Eulis encounter as much as it is the way they are forced to deal with them given their new and drastically different personas. Outrageous adventures, from hilarious to heartwarming, make up a determined search for a better life, while instinctual, gut reactions from the old Letty and Eulis are always just below the surface. Sometimes it stays hidden and sometimes not, but the result is always wonderful and quite entertaining. If you're looking for something a little different, you've found it in The Amen Trail!

Written by Margaret O.


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