All Our Wrong Todays

Elan Mastai
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Apr 14, 2017

If science fiction isn’t your favorite genre, but you’re willing to dip a toe in, All Our Wrong Todays is a highly entertaining read about self-discovery, family and love; with a time machine and alternate realities. 

The story begins with Tom Barren, present day, as he's writing a book describing his experience with time travel. His voice is witty, sarcastic and feels like a friend who's relaying their crazy dream. The future Tom comes from exists because in 1965 a man invented a machine that creates endless clean energy. That machine transformed the whole world into something like the "Jetsons". In this futuristic society, Tom's father creates the first time machine. Tom, of course, manages to change something when he traveled to the past, and when he tries to return to his reality he ends up in ours.

The book certainly has some cheesy lines, ". . . I just single-handedly saved the space-time continuum, human civilization, and reality itself . . . . " However, it also has some thought provoking ones, ". . . what if every creative idea that someone has is unconsciously borrowed from that person's experiences in another reality?" And ". . . every time you introduce a new technology, you also introduce the accident of that technology, not just the glory but also the ruin."

I had a great time reading this book and think it is as much fun as Ready Player One.

Reviewed by Catherine G.
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