Al Franken, Giant of the Senate

Al Franken
Nov 10, 2017

In the current political climate, one might think the transition from comedy writer to politician would be rather seamless. In Al Franken, Giant of the Senate, Franken describes his struggles trying to get elected by the people of Minnesota in 2008, the balance he has been able to find when working with ideologically opposed members of congress, the work ethic that enabled him to more easily secure re-election in 2014, and the current political climate in Washington.

Franken's latest book is, of course, humorous with several moments where I laughed out loud or held the person nearest to me hostage so I could read to them a part I found particularly hilarious. More than that, Franken includes  valuable information for those considering a run for office while relaying his own story and the mistakes he made, particularly in his first campaign in 2008. He also goes in-depth throughout the book about what he perceives as huge obstacles to the Senates productivity: the lack of decorum and the inability, or desire, for members of congress to reach out to people outside of their own party. Franken has great stories about decorum and the biggest offender of them all, Ted Cruz. He also has meaningful stories about the connections he has tried to make with members he does not agree with politically, but how finding even a small personal connection makes his colleagues seem more human and working relationships can improve with efforts like these.

An overall great read for fans of Al Franken, anyone seeking insight into an outsider's campaign for Senate in 2008, or a look at a slice of today's Washington politics from a well-connected comedian.

Reviewed by Library Staff