365 Vegan Smoothies: Boost Your Health With a Rainbow of Fruits and Veggies

Kathy Patalsky
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Mar 16, 2016

You don’t have to be vegan to love the smoothies in this book. I’m not a vegan myself, but I turned to 365 Vegan Smoothies because it looked like it would offer a range of healthy recipes to help you consume a variety of fruits and vegetables. I was not disappointed! With 365 recipes, you will find something to meet your nutritional needs and individual tastes.

There are many smoothie books on offer, but several things set this one apart, enough so that I decided to purchase it! I have never really been a smoothie person because the ones I had bought in stores were too pricey, too big, and sometimes packed with unexpected calories. But I decided to give them a try again by making them at home, where I could control all these factors more easily, and as a way to have a quick and nutritious post-workout meal substitution. This book was so helpful for a first-time smoothie maker because it’s packed with tips and tricks presented in an easy-to-read, attractive layout. It’s basically the smoothie of smoothie books!

It lists and explains tools, ingredients, techniques, and substitutions. It breaks down the smoothies into 12 types such as “Detox Smoothies” and “Healthy-Digestion Smoothies” to help you pinpoint what sort of recipe you’re looking for. Each smoothie has nutrition information and suggestions for add-ins, and there are many appetite-inducing color photos.

As I said, I’m not a vegan, so I don’t usually purchase non-dairy milks and other dairy substitutes. I simply used regular milk and yogurt and the recipes I tried turned out just fine! There is good balance of simpler, more classic recipes (and often more economical), and more exotic and surprising combinations. If you’re going to make smoothies a lot, it’s good to follow the author’s advice and stock up on certain ingredients, like chia seeds and coconut water, which feature prominently in the book. Happy blending!

Reviewed by Megan C.
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