2041 by Jane Yolen

May 26, 2011

This is a collection of 12 short stories. Twelve different science fiction authors were asked to predict what the future may hold in fifty years (This book was published in 1991). Well known authors such as Bruce Coville, Ann McCaffrey, and Jane Yolen contributed short stories. I was intriqued by several of the stories.

Much Ado About (Censored) is the story about excessive centership when a class decides to read  Shakespeare in the local high school. "The National Cutlery Council objects to the depiction of swords as deadly weapons."

A Quiet One recounts the story of a young girls's ambition to work with horses. She travels to the Idaho Perserve which feels like taking a step back in time to western life in the fifites.

Old Glory tells of a future in which citizens rights are restricted and free speech is prohibited by the S.O.S.

This book includes short biographies of each author. Although cataloged as a young adult book, I believe that most adults would enjoy the stories.

Written by John M.