11.22.63 (DVD)

James Franco
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Sep 12, 2016

Quite possibly the best Stephen King mini-series adaptation so far, 11.22.63 finds English teacher Jake Epping traveling back in time though a portal in his local diner to September 9, 1958. His plan is to thwart the assassination of John F. Kennedy in five years, living off of bets he places using sporting events he already knows the outcome of. While waiting for that fateful day in Dallas, Jake ends up becoming a teacher again using false credentials, falling in love with school librarian Sadie, and investigating any potential clue to Lee Harvey Oswald's involvement. Time has other ideas for Jake, however, and obstacles are repeatedly placed in his way to keep him from altering the future. James Franco’s performance was believable, as were the 1960s sets in this slickly produced, high-tension series. My one complaint is that many of my favorite subplots from the book didn’t make it to the screen.  

Reviewed by Jed D.
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