good and evil


By Naomi Novik
Rated by Katie S.
Aug 31, 2015

Imagine a land far, far away where an evil Wood marks the boundaries around small towns. This Wood is a constant reminder to the citizens of Dvernik and other towns that they need the wizard called Dragon to protect them from its powers. In exchange for protecting them, he comes every ten years and selects a young girl to live with him and those girls never return to live in the valley. So it is not surprising that the girls up for the choosing do not want to leave their families and their lives, both of which they hold dear. One choosing day, the Dragon mistakenly chooses clumsy Agnieszka

Nov 10, 2011

Comic book writer Evie Walker arrives back in her home town to find her father terminally ill and ready to pass on to her the “storeroom”.  Evie finds out that apparently she is descended from a long line of guardians of the “storeroom” whose job is to keep the contents of the storeroom from falling into evil hands.  Little does she know that by guarding the storeroom she will be keeping the world safe from those who would use the contents of the storeroom to destroy the world as we know it.  A mix of ancient Greek mythology and history, mythical legends, and adventure with a little romance